• Saddle - Hard Sole
  • Saddle - Hard Sole
  • Saddle - Hard Sole

Saddle - Hard Sole


Reminiscent of the the iconic 1950’s classic black and white saddle shoe with a contemporary spin. A perfect statement piece for any boy or girl!

Piper Finn Oxfords fit true to size, just measure your baby’s foot and compare it to our Sizing Chart.

We designed the Piper Finn Oxford to offer a fun, modern take on the classic tailored design. And we made sure to offer lots of colors and patterns in durable, breathable, 100% genuine leather, to make it a staple in your baby’s shoe wardrobe. 

Our shoes are easy to put on and take off – a must-have when you’re juggling a wiggly toddler, a bag of groceries and a ringing phone.  And, most importantly, they’ve been designed with careful attention to your baby’s feet.