How to Raise Happy Boisterous Boys

It's no secret that parenting is a challenging task. If it weren't, you wouldn't be scouring the internet searching for tips for parents; it's a veritable jungle out there!

From juggling play-dates to deciphering homework, scheduling sporting activities and spending enough quality time with your kids, you'd be forgiven for thinking you needed the dexterity of a ninja in fast forward to be a good parent to your children. Worse still, mother nature wasn't exactly fair when she decided that parenting boys and girls were two entirely different jobs! As the parent of a boy or boys, you know that compared to parenting girls, raising boys is a whole other ball game altogether.

Let's be honest; parenting boys certainly isn't all ribbons, rainbows and Barbies, well at least not all the time! Instead, it's more likely to be mud, tree-climbing and chaotic games featuring very few rules and a lot of 'horsing' around. Thankfully boys and girls are unique in their needs, but this also means they require different parenting methods.

Naturally, this raises the age-old debate about how boys should be raised and what values should be imparted to them. As parents, it's vital to nurture positive habits in boys from a young age and allow them to grow into responsible young men.

This piper finn blog post offers tips and insights into raising happy, boisterous boys with the utmost care and attention.

Tips for Parents Raising Boys

Encourage physical activity:

As you know, boys tend to have a never-ending supply of energy which requires a lot of physical activity to keep them from literally bouncing off the walls or getting up to mischief! Encourage them to engage in active sports such as running or soccer as being physically active can help them positively channel this energy. If your child isn't particularly sporty, simple activities like running around outside or playing with friends can also help burn off pent-up energy.

Instill good values:

Teaching values is essential for children of all genders. As parents, we need to offer them appropriate guidance that helps them develop and cultivate positive habits. This includes teaching them empathy, kindness, honesty, good manners, and respect for others. It's also important that children understand the value of respect, responsibility, cooperation, and tolerance.

Role Modeling:

Boys (and girls) tend to emulate their parents, which makes setting a good example one of the most powerful ways to influence your child's behavior. Parents and those co parenting should strive to be positive role models reflecting the behavior they would like their boys to mirror. This means showing them what good leadership and responsibility look like so they have a good example of positive behaviors to emulate as adults.

Communicate regularly:

Not many boys are comfortable speaking about their feelings. But regular communication is necessary if you want your son to feel comfortable talking to you about the many aspects of life. From an early age, set aside time each week for you and your son to discuss topics of interest or concern.

One of our best tips for parents, those co parenting and care-givers raising boys is that creating a positive, welcoming atmosphere, free of judgment, goes a long way to nurturing your son's emotional health and encouraging them to share their feelings without hesitation. Remember, the topics don't have to be heavy or educational; even laughing together about the silly things they saw at school is a great way to get the conversation ball rolling.

Foster independence and responsibility: 

Boys, like girls, can sometimes be overly reliant on their parents, which can be counterproductive to their growth and development. Encourage them to take responsibility for their actions, help with daily chores, and teach them life skills such as cooking or cleaning.

A man who can care for himself is an attribute his partner will thank his good parents for! But most importantly, letting them make choices and decisions that are age-appropriate can increase their confidence and help prepare them for life's challenges and responsibilities. Here are some additional tips for parents from Verywell Family on encouraging independence in your child.


In conclusion, raising boys requires learning and adapting your parenting style to their unique needs and abilities. It also calls for teaching them the right values and empowering them by providing exposure to the outside world. As parents, if we nurture their creativity, independence, and strengths, it increases the likelihood of our sons becoming responsible and stable members of society. In the meantime, check out these girls and boys kids shoes because parenting is also about the fun stuff too!

Image by Eric MUSIAT from Pixabay

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