The Happiest Kids Live in the Netherlands!

Parenting can be challenging and fulfilling depending on which day of the week you ask a fellow frazzled parent! Unfortunately, while parenting can be pretty amazing and rewarding, it can also be overwhelming unless you live in the Netherlands, of course! There, parents seem to have received the elusive tips for parents memo the rest of us somehow missed! Only kidding! But as the Netherlands is home to the world's happiest children, according to UNICEF, perhaps it's worth taking a peek at what they do differently.

Tips For Parents The Netherlands Way

After sifting through a lot of online parent tips, it seems Dutch kids are happier than most because:

  1.  They get enough sleep, at least 8 hours each night; this includes babies, toddlers, teens, and adults. Some might say they're the sleepiest country in the world!
  2. Playtime is just as sanctified as homework time. In other words, there is less pressure to excel at school, and kids don't require eye-watering grades to gain admission to most tertiary education programs.
  3.   Children are encouraged to express their opinions and needs from a young age.
  4.  Kids spend time with both parents. How? In the Netherlands, part-time employees have the same rights as their full-time counterparts. This creates a better work-life balance with most workers only working a 29-hour week!

Top Parent Tips Regarding Positive Parenting

Thankfully, you don't have to move to the Netherlands to raise happy kids with kindness and respect. It's all about positive parenting strategies that include understanding and listening to your child's needs while teaching them important life lessons.

This parenting style focuses on building relationships through open communication and mutual respect. Not only does this build trust and connection between parent and child, but it also encourages good behavior in children as they understand what is expected of them without feeling punished or judged for their mistakes.

9 Positive Parenting Tips

Here are 9 positive parenting tips for parents looking to raise happy kids:

  1.  Spend quality time together every day.
  2. Show empathy and understanding for your child's feelings.
  3. Give your child choices within a set of boundaries, so they can practice making decisions independently.
  4. Encourage positive behavior by setting up rewards for good behavior.
  5. Be consistent in your parenting style and follow through with reasonable consequences when needed.
  6. Allow your child some independence when appropriate, such as choosing clothes or helping with chores around the house.
  7. Listen and talk to your child without judgment, which will help them open up about their thoughts and feelings more freely.
  8. Support creativity and exploration by providing resources that foster opportunities for your child to learn and grow.
  9. Try to remain calm in stressful situations and use problem-solving strategies when disputes arise between family members.

Benefits Of Incorporating Positive Parenting Tips:

  •  Improved communication between parents and children.
  • Increased trust and respect between family members.
  • More self-esteem in children as they feel accepted and understood by their parents.
  • Higher levels of cooperation from children as they learn to manage emotions more effectively.
  • Greater problem-solving skills in children can lead to better decision-making abilities later in life.

Final Thoughts

Positive parenting can help parents create an environment of love and respect while teaching their children important life lessons that will make them better adults. It also brings families closer together, helps children build strong values and self-esteem, encourages good behavior, and teaches children how to cooperate with others.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay 

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