Why You Should Wear Your Baby

All your baby wants in the early weeks and months is to snuggle up and recreate the womb, and one of the best ways to meet your little one’s need for attachment is through babywearing. Babywearing isn’t a new fashion trend for infants but a technique that has been practiced by different cultures worldwide for centuries.

Babywearing benefits are now being rediscovered and embraced by parents worldwide as they lead to a calm baby and a calmer parent. In today’s Piper Finn blog post, we’ll explore why you should wear your baby and the types of carriers you can consider for babywearing.

The Buzz About Babywearing

Babywearing is essentially strapping your bundle of joy to your body using a specially designed baby carrier, baby wrap, or baby sling. It’s an excellent way to keep your baby close, happy, and secure, and there are some compelling reasons for joining the babywearing bandwagon. These include:

Promoting Bonding

Babywearing fosters a strong emotional bond between you and your baby. The physical closeness and constant contact with your scent and heartbeat provide a sense of security and comfort, creating a deep and lasting connection.

Enhancing Social and Emotional Development

Babywearing makes it easier for your child to become more attuned to your facial expressions, voice, and body language. This heightened awareness promotes healthy emotional and social development.

Hands-Free Convenience

Baby carriers, wraps, and slings free up your hands, allowing you to tackle daily tasks, run errands, or even engage in hobbies while keeping your baby close and content.

Comfort for Baby

A baby carrier has a snug and secure environment, mimicking the sensation of being in the womb and making babies feel safe and calm. This can reduce crying and fussiness, especially in infants with colic or reflux.

Supporting Physical Development

Baby carriers provide excellent neck and back support for your baby, helping them develop proper posture and muscle tone. It also aids in the prevention of flat head syndrome (positional plagiocephaly).


Many baby carriers are designed to facilitate discreet breastfeeding on the go, allowing you to nurse your baby comfortably and without drawing undue attention.

Types of Baby Carriers

Baby Wraps

Baby wraps are long pieces of fabric that you tie and knot to secure your baby to your body. They are incredibly versatile, offering different carrying positions as your baby grows. While they have a bit of a learning curve regarding wrapping techniques, many parents find them comfortable and secure.

Baby Slings

Baby slings are one-shoulder carriers made from a loop of fabric. They are simple to use and provide an intimate carrying experience. Slings are ideal for quick errands and newborns but may not be as supportive for long periods.

Soft Structured Carriers (SSCs)

SSCs, also known as buckle carriers, are the most user-friendly option. They have padded shoulder and waist straps that you can easily adjust for comfort. SSCs often offer multiple carrying positions and are suitable for infants and toddlers.

Ring Slings

Ring slings are similar to baby slings but feature adjustable rings that make securing your baby snugly against your body easier. They’re quick to put on and take off, making them a convenient choice for many parents.

Tips for Safe and Comfortable Babywearing

Before embarking on your babywearing journey, there are a few factors to consider, including:

  • Carrier Choice – Select a carrier that suits you and your baby’s needs. The right fit is crucial for your baby’s comfort and safety.
  • Learning Proper Techniques – If you’re using a wrap or sling, take the time to learn how to tie it correctly. Ensuring your baby is positioned safely is paramount.
  • Checking for Comfort – Ensure the carrier distributes your baby’s weight evenly to prevent discomfort or strain on your back, shoulders, or neck. Ensure your baby’s legs are in a natural, spread-squat position, with their knees higher than their bottom to promote healthy hip development.

Final Thoughts

Babywearing can provide your baby with the warmth, security, and love they need to thrive, all while simplifying your daily routines and allowing you to cherish every moment with your little one. It’s a practical way to enhance the bond between you and your baby while providing numerous benefits. Whether you choose a baby carrier, baby wrap, or baby sling, ensure you find one that works best for your needs and preferences.

Image by neslinglibrary from Pixabay